From the Desk of General Secretary 06-01-2015.
Letter to DoPT for issuing OM to stop MACP recoveries in view of SC Judgment Dt. 18/12/14
RTI in Ministry of I&B (IFW)
RTI in Ministry of Finanace (DoE)
Fresh RTI in DoPT
Appeal before DoPT
Letter to Secy DOPT Regarding opinion sought by MIB
Forwarding letter of MIB sending ADTEA ‘s representation to 7th CPC
From the desk of General Secretary
Letter to Addl Secretary for meeting
Letter to DG: AIR for fresh instructions to PAO for respecting withdrawal order of reduction of GP to EAs vide speaking order dt. 8/7/14
Protest Letter to PMO on closure of transmission at HPT, AIR, Kingsway, Delhi
Disobedience of PB order dated 07,09-10-14
ADG NZ -order-MS Rana in 1c1p
Concern of the employees posted at South Zone regarding installation of Bio-metric attendance system
Letter to Secy DoPT for generalization of 3 Court-cases of Helpers
Complaint against anti employees transfer policy of Prasar Bharati
RTI IN DoPT on burning issues
RTI IN MIB on various important issues
Pay parity Proposal Sent by Prasar Bharati to MIB
Order of Prasar Bharati to stay MACP recovery
Letter Submitted by ADTEA against MIB order on one MACP recovery
Notice Served by P K Maheshwari in One Cadre One Pay Matter
DG AIR ORDER on One Pay One Cadre dated 14-10-2014
Delhi CAT Judgement for generalisation of ACP for helpers
Minutes of Establishment Council Meeting held on 24.09.2014 issued by Prasar Bharati
Appeal for deduction of one day's salary in PM NRF
Gist of Establishment Council Meeting at Prasar Bharati with ADTEA
Protest against half-hearted implementation of the Courts' One Pay One Cadre
Order of MIB in One Pay One Cadre Matter
RTI Filed by ADTEA as on 23 Sept 2014
Letter to Secy I&B Regarding inclusion of employees of AIR and Doordarshan in 7th cpc
Financial implications of pay- parity of Tech.with Lighting Asstt.
Amended Letter submitted by UP State Committee to Shri Rajnath Singh ji
Comments on Transfer Policy submitted by ADTEA to CEO Earlier
Acknowledgement slip of suggestion on 7th CPC
Gist of the meeting of ADTEA with Joint Secy(B-II)
Request to Hon'ble MIB for issue based meeting
DG DD Minutes meeting dated 07.07.2014
Protest letter on Sr. Tech's payscale order dated 9-8-2014
Suggestion/Comments submitted by ADTEA to VII Pay commission
Letter to Hon’ble MIB on the threat of withdrawal of 25.02.1999 agreement
Corrigendum on pay scale Sr Tech
Prasar Bharati Communication to 7th CPC and Ministry of I&B
Letter to I&B Min to Implementation of ACP to Helpers CAT Verdict
Order of North zone for Implementation of ACP to Helpers
Implementation of ACP to Helpers as per the Court Verdict
Gist of CWC Meeting of ADTEA held on 21st & 22nd April 2014 at STI(T) New Delhi
Grant of 1st ACP in the pay scale of Rs. 4500-7000 to Helpers
Notional Fixation NZ Order dated 20.03.2014
Minutes of Cadre Review Committee held on 14.02.2014 at AB Bhawan Delhi
DG:AIR Order Regarding Subscription Deduction
Notional Fixation DG:AIR Order dated 11.03.2014
Appeal(MCA No 11/13) & Contempt Application of K S Gulia dismissed on 06.03.2014 by Ms Kiran Gupta Sr Civil Judge,New Delhi
Order Released by MIB on Notional Fixation on 07.03.2014
Withdrawl Form
Minutes of 1st Meeting of SFG on 21.01.2014
Intimation Regarding Election Results 2013-15
Order of DG DD reg. RSA Subscription
Order of MIB dated 18.02.2014 in LA Vs Tech Case
Letter of DG AIR to I&B Ministry in 5K EA Case
Letter to CEO on Transfer Policy
Letter to Hon'ble MIB on notional fixation
Final Result 2013-2015
Letter to CEO as on 15.10.2013
Complete Voter list of |North Zone | West Zone |South Zone |North East Zone | East Zone|
Letter to MIB & SECT&CEO,DG DT-6-9-13 on Notional Fixation
Letter regarding Draft Membership List
Draft Membership List
Seniority cum fitness quota for Helper
Request for grant the meeting DG:DD
PB requested details of Office- bearers
Transfer/Posting for zonal Heads
Reminder to secy. i & b for notional fixaction
Request for mailing list
Security arrangment by Prasar Bharati in all DDK/AIR stations
Prasar Bharati Meeting Minutes held at 11.04.2013
Difficult station list by DG:AIR
ADTEA agenda given to DG:AIR, Member (P), CEO

Story in Mail Today about DTH & action on office Bearers
Letter to MIB on Recognition matter.
Draft Transfer Policy please send your comments new
Establishment council meeting of Prasar Bharati new
ADTEA Nomination the Name of Office bearer for Cadre Review Committee
ADTEA Letter to CEO (PB) regarding Notional Fixaction
ADTEA Letter to Secy. I&B regarding Notional Fixaction
New FORMAT of Authorisation Form
ADTEA meeting with Additional Director General (E) NZ
Minutes of meeting held with DG-AIR on 18.6.2013
Holding LISCC meeting & Zonal & office council meeting order issued by DG:DD
Update on Notional Fixation
Inclusion of ADTEA in the mailing list of PB, DG:AIR & DG:DD
Administrator by DG:AIR
Meeting with DG:AIR on 18.06.2013
Notional Pay Fixation DG: AIR reply
Compassionate Appointment for the year 2011 by DG:DD
Holding LISCC meeting & Zonal & office council meeting order issued by DG:AIR
Meeting with CEO Prasar Bharati.
Be prepared for Election - Instuctions for Unit Secy's.
Reg. recognition of Associations,DG:DD Order
Reg. de-recognition of Associations of AIR & DD,DG:AIR Order
Form for new check off system
Sample form for New Check off System
Letter to be Submitted to Head Of Office for Authorization under RSA Act, 1993
Letter of DG AIR to start the process of recognition of Associations
Circular to start the process of recognition of Associations issued.
Notice of Agitation as on 13th Sep. 2011
Follow the Instructions for 9th August, 2011
Matter of IRLA taken up by ADTEA
Postponement of adtea NE Zonal Convention ||| Blank Letter
Report of Dharna & Gate Meeting at Akashvani Bhavan
DG-DD Appointment order
SSS held meetings with Member (P) & AS(B) on 25-07-2011
Report on Gate Meeting in Akashvani Bhavan, Delhi
MACP-List of Assistant Engineer
Minutes of the Cadre Review Committee Meeting held on 29.06.2011.
Minutes of the meeting with AS(B) as on 25.05.11
SSS Agitation-Poster for 1st Step
SSS Agitation-Address-for-Post-Cards
SSS Threatens lightning stir against withdrawal 25.2.99 agreement
Formation of new Cadre Review Committee
SSS Agitation: Details of Emails and Telegram
SSS Agitation Poster of Demands and Prog
SSS Agitation Letter
Refixation of Fin. Impecation of Notional fixation
Interzonal Transfer in the cadre of Subordinate Engineering Cadre
SSS gate meeting- Press release
Cadre review - latest communication
Instructions for 2nd Step of SSS agitation
SSS( ARTEE/ADTEA/PSA) demand from ADEA to withdraw letter to MIB
Recognised Association's Forum Of AIR & DD -Poster
Press-release of Gate Meeting as on 15 09 2011
Protect Associations to protect ourselves(Do's and Don'ts )
Letter from NFADE on reopening agitation matter
Letter to DG against victimization and bulk transfer
SSS Agitation deferred.
View point of SSS on the Reprt of Committee of Jt Sect.
Reminder of DG:AIR in One Post One Pay Matter
DG:AIR Order Reg Pay Protection of Helpers
Next phase of Agitation by NFADE
DG:AIR Order in PATNA ACP Case
Details of email and telegram for agitation
SSS Agitation Notice as on 28 july
Order of I&B Min Reg Implementation of verdict of Honble Patna High court
Index Card in respect of AEs working in AIR Order|| Index Card( proforma)
Interzonal Transfer List
AS(B) & CEO conducted Meeting with SSS on the instructions of Hon’ble MIB
3rd step of SSS agitation
Letter to MIB on Next Step of agitation
Minutes of the meeting on Extra duty Allowance Page 01 || Page 2
Protest & agitation letter to MIB on resentment of subordinate cadres issues
Instructions for 9th August 2011.
Schedule of Relay Hunger Protest
Press Release of SSS Agitation for Delhi
Press Release of SSS Agitation for other stations
Instructions, Dos and Don’t for Relay Hunger Protest
SSS View Point of 8 Point Charter of demands
Memorandum to be submitted to local highest Authority
SSS (ARTEE/ADTEA) Reaction to ADEA Letter to MIB -withdraws from JFADEE
Demand to implement MACP Clarification of DOPT from date of order

Appeal to All Members

SSS Letter to Hon'ble Min I&B

Implementation of orders issued by Cadre Controlling Authority - HRD Matters

Inter-directorate Transfer order

One Post One Pay: Order Issued by North Zone

Clarification by PB on MACP & other orders of Cadre Controlling Authority.

Committee Constituted for Extra duty Allowance.

Letter of SSS Reg. MACP

Kerala State Convnention At TIRVANDRUM

South TN Reg Conv. on 25.02.2011 At TIRUNELVELI || A Report

One Pay one cadre-Proposal from DG:AIR to MIB

meeting of nfade with M(P) and committee 10.02.2011

Problem with GPF Account - Action taken by Prasar Bharati

NFADE Meeting with Member(P) as on 27.01.2011

Meeting of ADTEA with Member(P) as on 21.01.2011

Letter to CEO reg. SLP rejected by Supreme Court for EA

Letter to CEO for the Meeting

EA Pay Parity Case:File has been sent for concurrence.

Maintain Quota under MOU

Interzonal transfer order Helper | Technician | EA

DG:DD AE Transfer List As on 08.04.2011
Direct Recruitment of Engg. Asst. examination-2010--Marks.
Reaction from NFADE on the decesions of PB Board
One pay for one Cadre :Calculation of Financial implications
Revised RR on merger of EA&SEA:Letter from PB to DG:AIR
Notn. Fixiation of Tech. & Sr.Tech. matter forwd to MIB
SSS took up the matter of the objection on MACP.
An appeal from NFADE Central Office
Regarding Problems in National Games:DDK Ranchi
Minutes of meeting with Member(P) on 21.01.2011
Letter to CEO for Notional Fixation of Tech.
clarification reg. scale 5000-5500-6500 grade pay 4600
Letter to Member(P) Reg MACP for AE
Banner for Kerela State Convention on 23rd and 24th Feb
Minutes of meeting with DDG(A) AIR on 20.12.2010
Committee Constituted for Amendment to Prasar Bharati Act
EA eligible for AE`s Exam as ADTEA won case in CAT DELHI
SSS Letter for delay in Cadre Review of Sub. Engg. Cadres
Transfer order for Subordinate Engineering Staff

Helper to Tech Sr. Cum Fitness Quota-50%

NFADE meeting with secy I&B on 9.12.2010 at 5.30pm

Details of the meeting with the RLC on 08 Dec 2010
DG:AIR Order for Postponement of Helper to Tech Exam

DG:AIR Order for Merger of Helper and Khalasi

NFADE Meeting with the three Member Committee.

Meeting with RLC Govt. of India ||| Minutes of meeting
Format Report to be submitted
Press Release: 2nd day of bycott of duties
Congrats to all members for success of the BOYCOTT Of Duties
Order In supersession of DG:DD Order dated 04.11.2010
DG:DD Order for 4600 GP for new EA and othersPart 01 | Part 02
Letter to CEO Reg New EA Delhi High Court Case
Letter to CEO Reg Patna High Court Case for EA
NFADE Tour programme for West & south
SSS letter to DG:DD against Outsourcing
Delhi CAT Decision on SEA to AE Exam:Part 01 | Part 02
EA & SEA appearing in LDCE EXam for AE letter by DG:DD
NFADE: Notice of Agitation
Court Verdict on Rs. 5400/- GP (Won by individual AEs)
Minutes of Meeting of ADTEA(NZ) with CE(NZ)
Letter for Cadre Review Committee Meeting
Reply of DG:DD to K.Bhatia on Petition filed by NFADE to PMO
Trf. of Sub. Engg. Staff:Input from ADTEA
EA and SEA Merger:Letter of P.B.
Exam.for the promotion of SEA to AE against 2009-10 vacancies
New APAR Format for AE
Merger of EA and SEA
Letter to Shri Chidambaram,Hon'ble Chairman,GOM
List of AEs with missing/unavailable CRs:List1 | List2

Letter to Hon'ble MIB
Letter Of President to MIB for Deprived Cadres
List for MACP for SEA(NZ)
Video of March to Parliament as on 23rd Feb 2010
Maintaining Status-quo of recognition of Associations
Minutes Of Meeting with DG:DD as on 15.01.2010
Letter of Sh Venkaiah Naidu Hon'ble MP
Committee For Extra duty Allowance
Posting of Sr.Tch. against EA.
Letter to DG Reg MACP for Sr.Tch.& above in zones.
Letter of NFADE Reg. Bihar Election

48 Hrs Bycott of duties continue..

Guidelines for Bycott of duties ||| Format for Handing over of Charge ||| Format for Reply of Tour Orders
MACP Related all activities and orders

Grand Gate meeting of NFADE on 19.11.2010 at Akashwani Bhawan Delhi

Letter of SSS to DG:DD Reg Fixing Grade Pay

Minutes of meeting of committee of InterZonal Transfers

General clarification of DOPT on deemed deputations

Pay Fixation on promotion from EA to SEA

Grant of OTA/clarification- effors of ADTEA.

Corrected pages of New EA Delhi High Court verdict

No Outsourcing- Written Assurance by DG:DD

Allocation of Extra Budget to EZ: Letter to CEO

Allocation of Extra Budget to EZ: DG AIR order

SEA to AE Exam postponed Letter to DG:AIR:Page01 | Page02

SEA to AE Exam Postponed-DG:AIR Order

Prasar Bharati Amendment Bill Placed in Rajya Sabha

EA of 8 years of service are eligible for AE Exam- Delhi CAT Decision
Mnutes of Meeting of ADTEA with CEO as on 23.07.10
NFADE: Notice of Agitation as on 16.08.2010
NFADE: Notice of Agitation
Note of DG:AIR Reg AE to JTS Promotion
AE to JTS Promotion:-Letter to DG:AIR
Save AIR & DD,National & Public Service broadcaster
Latest Informtion of GOM Meeting
Trf. Policy Guidelines issued by Prasar Bharati
N-E LTC extended for two years:DOPT ORDER
FR 22 Benefit for EA
Merger Of EA into SEA
Deferment of the proposed 72 hours Boycott of duties w.e.f 13.12.2010
Letter to Authorities regarding "72 Hrs. boycott of Duties"
Details of the meeting with the RLC on 10 Dec 2010
Details of the meeting with the RLC on 03 Dec 2010
Demand for Implementation of Verdict of Hon'ble Delhi High Court for New EA and Tech
Demand for granting of 5400 GP for AE
Demand for granting of ACP and MACP for Helpers
Demand of NFADE given to Regional Labour Commisioner