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All State secretaries, Unit Secretaries and office bearers of the ADTEA are requested to deposit the membership subscription of Rs. 120 of all members from April 2016 to March 2017 into the following account of ADTEA- Cheque will be made in favour of- “AIR & DD Technical Employees Association” Bank Name: Punjab National Bank Branch Name: Parliament Street, New Delhi Account No.- 0153000109729320 MICR Code- 110024076 IFSC/NEFT/RTGS Code- PUNB0015300.
Nomination of State/Zonal(EZ)office bearers term 2016-18 new
Letter to Hon'ble MIB reg solution of Long Pending demands new
AGM Decision of commitees 2017 new
Nomination of State/Zonal(SZ)office bearers term 2016-18 new
representation against SEA to AE Exam new
chief guest of the inaugural session of AGM & CWC new
Invitation of AGM and CWC Meeting of ADTEA new
AGM and CWC Meeting of ADTEA new
Come and Join Hands at Radio Colony, Kingsway Camp New Delhi new
Letter to Hon'ble I&B Minister Reg. Delay in Salary of staff
Notice for RSA verification for ADTEA members
Letter to Hon'ble I&B Minister for meeting
Letter to Hon'ble I&B Minister on 25.02.1999 order
Letter to I&B Secy for fixation of Sr. Tech and Tech
List of Member AE of ADTEA for grant of grade pay 5400
Affidavit in Hon'ble Supreme Court regarding SLP
Comments on Draft Notification of RR of Prasar Bharati
DG AIR Order in OA No 100-4342-2015 filed by ADTEA
An appeal to ADTEA members
MIB Order for 5400 GP after 4 years to All AE's
Request for issuance of Corrigendum for MIB Order dated 25-02-1999
Letter on Issuance of corrigendum on 25.02.1999 order
Objection on closing of Terrestrial Transmission
Objection on letter issued by ADG SZ
From the Desk of President
Nomination of Joint Secretary(Central Body)
North Zone Office order in 4K Tech Pay Parity Case
Office order of DG AIR for 4K Tech Pay Parity Case
Fixation order of K. Bhatia in Tech and LA Pay Parity Case
North Zone Office order in Tech and LA Pay Parity Case
DG:AIR order in Tech and LA Pay Parity Case
Corrigendum Letter for MIB order dated 25-02-1999
Letter to DG,AIR for office council Meeting
Letter to DG,AIR for meeting
Order of DG:DD reg Membership Subscription
Order of DG:AIR reg Membership Subscription
Direction to DG:AIR from I&B Ministry in LA Pay Parity Case
Meeting of ADTEA(SZ) with DG,Doordarshan
Gist of CWC meeting in Guwahati held on 7th and 8th April 2017
NEZ Order Regarding 5K EA Pay Parity ADTEA Case
Order Regarding Membership Subscription
Order of DG:AIR in 5K EA of ADTEA Court Case
Letter to I&B Secy to grant Single Pay scale for Helper,DED,DTech,MTech
Letter to I&B Secy for merger of technicians
Order of I&B Ministry in ADTEA 4K Tech Case
Order of I&B Ministry in ADTEA EA 6500 Scale Case
Order of I&B Ministry in Tech 5000 scale Case
Nominations in ADTEA NZ on 22.02.2017
condolences Message
CWC Meeting at Guwahati
ADTEA Contempt Application in Hon’ble High Court of Chennai new
Letter From President to Unit Secy
Letter to I&B Secy Reg 5400 GP to AE
Notional pay fixation contempt
Instructions to Members and Office bearers
Letter to I&B Secy Reg on Pending issues
Letter to I&B Secy Reg implementation of AE 5400 Court Case
New Year Message from President
Format to be submitted in AE 5400 GP Case
Copy of Judgement of OA No. 4130 of Delhi CAT in AE 5400 Case
Nomination of Departmental Council Member-reg
Typographical Error in the Subject of our request letter
Suggestion for improved working
Minutes of the meeting held with the Recognized Associations chaired by DG, Doordarshan on 29.11.2016
ADTEA has won Case in principal CAT bench, Delhi for 5400 GP for its AE members
Letter to Hon'ble I&B Minister Reg Issuance of Corrigendum of Order dated 29.02.1999
ADTEA has filed OA in principal CAT bench, Delhi for 5400 GP for its AE members
I&B Ministry Order regarding 4K technician pay parity case
Latest information regarding 4K technician pay parity case
Memorandum to Honourable Governor U.P.
Format and address of Letter to Hon'ble Minister
Format of Representation to be submitted to Governor
CWC meeting held at Broadcasting House New Delhi
Responce of ADTEA on advice of DG:AIR
Advice of DG:AIR with regard to agitation
NFADE: A Call to Members
Notices from Member associations
ADTEA Zonal Council Meeting on 21.10.2016 At O/o ADG(E-NZ), New Delhi
Notice of Agitation to Hon'ble Minister of I&B against Victimization
Letter of thanks to Hon'ble Minister of I&B
Senior Leader of Artee Shri Kuldeep Bhan with several other members of artee has joined ADTEA
Letter to DGDD on Resentment on re-employment of retired SEA
Nominations in North Zone
ADTEA Letter to Hon'ble MIB for meeting
Letter to Chairman PB for meeting
Nominations in North East Zone
Nominations in West Zone
Information Regarding CWC Meeting
Meeting requested to CEO, PBB
Meeting requested to DG:AIR
Nomination of PBB Council Member
Summary of Meeting of Sh. Anil Kumar Gupta,VP with South Zone
Comments on proposed adoption of CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993 by Prasar Bharati.
Comments on draft notification regarding merger of EA & SEA.
Nomination of office council member(DG:AIR)
Nomination of office council member(DG:DD)
Agitation against Discriminatory order by DGAIR
Nomination of S.Z. office Bearer for 2016-18
Letter to DoPT for issue of order on Generalizing the judgment of Supreme Court
Notice to Secy., MIB for implementation of CAT's order in case of EAs (Rs. 6500-10500)
Protest letter on Prasar Bharati's draft notification on merger of EA & SEA as Jr. Engineer (Broadcast)
Letter to Secretary, MIB for Implementation of order in Technician 4K case
Letter to Secretary, MIB & DG:AIR for Grant of Pay-Scale of Rs. 5000-8000 to Technicians
Final Result Notification of ADTEA Election 2016-18
Resentment against recommendation of Cadre Review Committee
List of Final contestants in ADTEA Election 2016-18
Judgment in Technician Case 1
Judgment in Technician Case 2
Withdrawal form
Extension of dates
Eligibility List of Candidates
Corrigendum of election notification 2016-18
Original Notification of ADTEA Elect.2016-18
Helpers' Case Update 08-04-16
Letter to DG:AIR for implementation of decision in EAs case of 5K
Election Bye-Laws
Nomination form for Election for the term (2016-18)
Update of 5K EA and 4K Tech Case
ADTEA Election 2016-18 Information from all Zonal Heads
Latest on Cases Filed by ADTEA for 5K EA and 4K Tech
Cases Filed by ADTEA for 5K EA and 4K Tech
Letter to DG AIR in One Pay One Cadre Matter
RTI in One Pay One Cadre Matter
Order Regarding in supersession of Prasar Bharati Secretariat's Office Order No. 141/2015-PPC dated 16.07.2015 for transfer/posting of officers as well as shifting of posts in Prasar Bharati (All India Radio and Doordarshan)
Strong letter to MIB for asking Prasar Bharati to withdraw order on transfer and scrap its policy
Agenda for Establishment Council Meeting
Letter to CEO Reg. delegation of Powers of Transfer Posting to Directorate
Complaint to Cabinet Secy.(GoI) against Secy.(DoPT) for not releasing order on SC Judgment
Protest letter to Secy., MIB against promotion of SEAs to AEs without holding exam
Cadre Review Proposal Submitted by ADTEA
From the Desk of General Secretary
Information about Membership Subscription Deposit
Up gradation of Helpers -Order of NZ
Up gradation of DTech in 4200-Order of NZ
MIB seeks comments from CEO, DGs & E-in-Cs on closure of transmission at HPT, Kingsway
Second appeal before CIC regarding no. of court cases faced by MIB
DoPT forwarding letter regarding MACP recovery
Message to Newly Recruited EA

News about employee’s matter
New FORMAT of Authorisation Form
Appeal against reply on court cases from MIB
Reply of RTI on Exp on court cases from MIB
RTI Reg Orders of DG AIR to downgrade EA/SEA
Letter to Hon'ble I&B Min to repeal Prasar Bharati
Order of DG:AIR Regarding Fixation of EA and SEA in 4200 GP
Order of Prasar Bharati Reg Transfer of Officials working on Sensitive Post
From the Desk of General Secretary
Photographs of dharna against DDG(EPC) NZ
Minutes of the meeting with ADG(NZ) after dharna against DDG(EPC) NZ
Note of PB regarding 7th Pay Commission
RTI in MIB asking total exp on court cases
Fixation of Helpers at DDK Delhi after ACP
Complaint against DE(EPC) North Zone
Reply of RTI Departmental Promotional Exam
Modified Letter for Helper to Tech Promotion
Letter to Secy I&B for granting the benefit of ACP as per Patna Case
Letter to Hon'ble I&B Minister Reg One Cadre One Pay
RTI Regarding Helper to Tech Promotion quota
Letter of Congratulation to Hon’ble Prime Minister
Letter of Congratulation to Hon’ble I&B Minister
Letter to Hon’ble I&B Minister for request of meeting
Letter to ADG(STIT) for Helper to Tech LDC Examination
Letter to Hon’ble I&B Secy reg Tech Vs LA case
Letter to Hon’ble I&B Secy reg Transfers || Circular of CVC regarding the matter
Reply of Hon’ble Minister I&B to Gen Secy ADTEA

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