Letter submitted to CEO Reg trf in SZ
Story in Mail Today about DTH & action on office Bearers
Letter to MIB on Recognition matter.
ADTEA letter to ADG(E)(SZ)-01 || Page02
Clarification from DG:AIR Regarding pay fixiation.
Letter to CEO Reg matter of TRF in SZ
Minutes of SSS Meeting held with Member (P) on 25-07-2011
Minutes of GOM Reg Withdrawal of Order dated 25.02.99
Re-fixation of AE under MACP-Order of DG:AIR
List of MACP for Mast Tech
Agenda of NFADE given to Hon'ble MIB
Screening committee for AE's 1st grade pay Rs. 4800/-, 2nd GP Rs. 5400/- (PB-2), 3rd GP Rs. 5400/- (PB-3) dt. 1-9-2010
MACP For D-Tech/M-Tech | Sr.Tech.| E.A.
MACP For AE List 01 List 02
List Of Tech For MACP
Order Of DG:AIR Reg 4600 Gr.Pay
Order Of DG:DD Reg 4600 Gr.Pay
Latest Clarification Of Fin.Min. Reg 4600 Gr.Pay
New MACP Order of CEO(PB)
Order Reg Details of Sub. Engg. Staff for MACP
List Of AE for MACP
Letter of CE(NZ) to DG:AIR regarding MACP
DG:AIR Order of MACP for AE(LIST)
Information Reg Recognition of ADTEA
Order of MACP for Helpers
Letter Of ADTEA and PSA to Hon'ble MIB
Minutes of meeting of NFADE with DG:AIR
Letter Submitted to CEO Reg Cadre Review
Order of DG:DD for Modified ACP Scheme .
Order for Modified ACP Scheme for Sub. Engg Staff.
Mass C.L. Deferred: Letter Of Min. | Letter Of CEO | Forwarding Letter Of P.B.
Joint Committee on classification of Posts
SEA to AE Under Sr. Cum Fitness Quota
SEA to AE Under LDC
Result of written Exam From Sr.tech to EA(08-09)
Result of written Exam From Helper to Tech(08-09)
Meeting Of ADTEA(SZ) with CE(SZ)
Order Of DOPT Regarding MACP.
Grade Pay For Helpers
NFADE Day long Dharna at Akashwani on 15.12.09
A Call: Let's Fight Against Contract System of P.B.
Offer of Appointment on compassionate ground
DPC to be held for MACP for Sub Engg. Staff
Doordarshan: List of Transfer Of AE
Revised Result of SEA to AE Exam.
Categorization Of AIR/DD Stations
DG:AIR Order Reg Classification Of Posts
DG:DD Order for Computer Advance
Committee For Extra Duty Allowance
Notification For Helper to Tech Examination
Orders/Letters On 6 cpc
Order for Retraining of group D Employees.
New System regarding transfer of Engg.employees .
Order Reg Posting Of Engg Staff in Zonal Office .
DG:AIR Order Reg 4600 Grade Pay for EA.
CE(NZ) Order Reg 4600 Grade Pay for EA.
Letter Reg Transfer of Office bearer of Association.
Cabinet Note On Status of Prasar Bharati Employee
Formulation of Committee to recommend transfer/posting in N.Zone
Syllabus For Exam from Helper to Tech
Helper to Tech Model Paper
Order Reg. Direct Recruitment in AIR & DD
Report On GATE MEETING held on 23-09-2008
Letter Regarding New E.A. And Tech.
Press Release of Gate Meeting as on 15.10.08
Notional Pay Fixation of Tech & Sr. Tech w.e.f. 01.07.83
Newspapers Coverage of visit of President and Gen.Secy. to S.Zone
South Zone Visit Of President and Gen. Sey.
Letter Regarding Compassionate Appointment
Orders issued by DDG(A) on Notional Fixation and others
Order of Prasar Bharati regarding Paycommission
Order of MIB regarding Pay commission
Order Reg Promotion Channels
Order Reg Promotion Quota
Order reg. Committee for Review of All Engineering Cadres
Minutes of meeting With Member(Personnel) 0n 03/04/2008.
Transfer Committee of Directorate for Engineering cadre
Letter regarding training of subordinate engineering staff
Order Reg OTA/Extra duty Compensation
Zonal Transfer Committee for Engineering cadre
List of Transfer of SEA in N.Z. dated 12.05.2008
Election Results 2008
Notification 1
Notification 2
Notification 3
Notification 4
Notification 5
Notification 6
Order for Transfer of Physically Handicapped Candidate
Categorization of Stations
Order regarding Probation completion
Letter regarding non -implementation of the decisions taken by Prasar Bharati Board.
Meeting notice for amendment to Prasar Bharati Act,1990
Staff Council Meeting- Circulation fo agenda
Letter Regarding LPTV Kalna and Ranaghat
AE transfer List on 30-04-2008